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Ribospin vRDⅡ

Product RibospinTM vRDⅡ
Brand GeneAll®
Storage Room temperature (15~25℃)
Ribospin  vRDⅡ
Ribospin  vRDⅡ


RibospinTM vRD II provides a convenient method for isolation of RNA and DNA from cell-free fluid, cell-cultrue supernatant, plasma, serum, swab, urine, and virusinfected samples.
Ribospin TM vRD II procedures employed the glassfiber membrane technology for the fastest and the most convenient of high purity RNA and DNA isolation, instead of conventional alcohol  recipitation or phenol/chloroform extraction. Ribospin TM vRD II buffer system provides the effective binding condition of RNA and DNA to glassfiber membrane and the impurities on the membrane are washed away by two different wash buffers. At last, pure RNA and DNA are eluted by nuclease-free water. Whole procedure takes only 15 minutes and the purified nucleic acid is suitable for PCR, RT-PCR, or any downstream application without further manipulation.
Ribospin TM vRD II procedure should be performed at room temperature. The purified nucleic acid should be treated with care because RNA is very sensitive to contaminants, such as RNases, often found on general labware and dust. To ensure RNA-stability, it is recommended to store at 4 °C for immediate analysis or to freeze at -70 °C for long-term storage.

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