RNA + DNA Purification

RiboEx Total RNA Solution

Produkt RiboExTM
Brand GeneAll®
Storage 4 ℃
RiboEx Total RNA Solution
RiboEx Total RNA


RiboExTM is a complete kit with ready-to-use reagents for the isolation of total RNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and viral origin. RiboExTM is based on the disruption of cells in guanidine salt / detergent solution, followed by organic extraction and alcohol precipitation of the RNA, and it allows simultaneous processing of a large number of samples. RiboExTM can yield up to 10 ㎍ / 1 mg tissue or up to 30 ㎍ / 1 x 106 cultured cells of highly purified total RNA. The resulting total RNA is suitable for the isolation of poly A+ RNA, northern blotting, dot blotting, in vitro translation, cloning, RT-PCR, RNase protection assays and other analytical procedures.

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