RNA + DNA Purification

RiboEx LS Total RNA Solution

Product RiboExTM LS
Brand GeneAll®
Storage 4 ℃

RiboEx LS Total RNA Solution
RiboEx LS Total RNA


RiboExTM LS is a complete kit with ready-to-use reagents for the isolation of total RNA from various liquid samples. RiboExTM LS is a concentrated form of RiboExTM and this allows that liquid samples can be processed more easily with it, while RiboExTM is more suitable for solid samples and pelleted cells. RiboExTM LS is a mono-phasic solution containing phenol and guanidine salt, which rapidly lyse cells and inactivates nucleases. Addition of chloroform brings about a separation of the homogenate in aqueous and organic phases. RNA locates in the aqueous phase while DNA and protein remain in the interphase and organic phases. The aqueous phase including RNA is mixed with isopropanol and the RNA which is precipitated by centrifuging. The purified total RNA is suitable for RT-PCR, northern blotting, dot blotting, in vitro translation, molecular cloning, realtime PCR, RNase protection assays and other analytical procedures.
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