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ProtinEx Total Protein Extraction Solution

Product ProtinExTM
Brand GeneAll®
Storage 4 ℃
ProtinEx  Total Protein Extraction Solution
ProtinEx  - Total Protein Extraction Solution


ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue provides fast and easy methods for the extraction of total soluble proteins from animal cells and tissues. When extracting proteins, efficient disrupting of cells or tissues is essential for recovering whole cellular proteins. Using ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue’s optimized procedure, the cell membranes composed of phospholipids and membrane proteins can be easily and efficiently disrupted without further treatment like sonication or freeze / thaw step. Owing to lack of ionic disturbance the denaturing power of non-ionic detergent is generally milder than that of ionic detergent. Non-ionic lytic condition of ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue enables the isolation of functionally active proteins which can be applied to protein-protein interaction experiments, reporter assays, protein assays, immunoassays, and protein purification.
ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue is designed to simplify and expedite the procedure of protein extraction. The sample harvested in ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue goes to incubating on ice for 5 minutes and centrifuging for 10 minutes to separate cell debris. The supernatant can be directly used for downstream applications, and the whole procedure takes only 30 minutes. ProtinExTM Animal cell / tissue procedure supports the extraction of proteins from up to 100 mg of animal tissues or 2 x 107 of animal cells per one extraction. The maximum yield reaches 11 mg per 50 mg of animal tissues and 1300 ug per 1 x 107 of animal cells, respectively.

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