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Fragment DNA Purification

GeneAll Expin TM series provide reliable and fast methods for the purification of fragment DNA from agarose gel and PCR or enzymatic
reaction mixtures. ExpinTM Gel SV takes advantage of glass fiber membrane to recover DNA of 80 bp to 10 kb from most grades of
agarose gel in yields reaching 90 %. ExpinTM PCR SV is used to recover DNA of 100 bp to 10 kb from PCR or enzymatic reaction mixtures
and very effective to the removal of PCR primer dimer. ExpinTMCombo GP kit is the combined product of ExpinTM Gel SV and ExpinTM
PCR SV. ExpinTM CleanUp SV is designed for fast and simple method for purification of fragment DNA of 40 bp to 10 kb from various enzymatic reactions in just 5 minutes.